Tracy M Legault

With a background in visual art and art history and over a decade of dramatic television production experience, Tracy has built a reputation for producing engaging dramatic programs, and by delivering projects of exceptional quality. Tracy leverages her inherent creativity with her multi-faceted experience to successfully manage two regional offices (Ottawa & Sudbury), directing production teams simultaneously and implementing budget controls, while nurturing the company?s new development slate. Three productions have received recognition: Hard Rock Medical SXSW 2013 Nomination -Excellence in Title Design, Les Bleu de Ramville SXSW 2013 Winner ? Excellence in Title Design, Winner Summit Creative Award and Météo+ Prix Gémeaux ? 3 x nominated
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Ontario, Canada

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Image du projet Amélie et compagnie !
Amélie, une petite fille de 9 ans pétillante, espiègle et engagée. Newton, un chat gourmand, mais attachant, qui a la répartie facile et un sens de l’humour décapant. Une famille…
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